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In an era when women commonly deferred to their husbands and were considered “good wives” if they kept their house in order, tended lovingly to their children and looked the other way, if and when they suspected their spouse was having an affair.This was the pre-feminist, “Mad Men” era, and just like the popular cable network show — set primarily in the 1960s at an advertising agency on Madison Avenue in New York — the earlier years of Sinatra’s career years were defined by sexism — and a lot of skirt-chasing.The crooner’s love interests ran the gamut from young co-stars, just starting out in their careers, to Academy Award-winning actresses.

Farrow was a Hollywood girl, although due to a childhood bout of polio, extremely inexperienced in matters of sex.Sinatra’s carousing took place during an era when infidelity, especially in the entertainment industry, was commonplace.For men who worked in this rarefied atmosphere of money, power and prestige, it was just a part of life.John Farrow was sleeping with Frank's first wife, Ava Gardner.The affair had separated her dad from her mother, the actress Maureen O'Sullivan.4, Barbara Marx, and his three kids, Frank Jr., Nancy and Tina. Obviously aware of the considerable tension between his kids (all from his first marriage to Nancy Barbato) and his wife (for many years they reportedly refused to be in the same room together), the Chairman included a clause in his will that automatically disinherits anyone who contests it.


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