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But because she's Ann Coulter, the tweets were filled with unnecessary insults to the flight attendants, employee training, and even the "dachshund-legged" woman who took her original seat.

This couple was good example of how opposites attract each other.

Related: Donald Trump Jr.'s Email Scandal Lands Him The Cover Of Since Ann is expecting everyone to be on her side against the big mean airline, surely she must have shown sympathy for Dr. What she tweeted three months ago was: Ann Coulter wants everyone to know that we're STILL mad at airlines!

David Dao, who was infamously beaten and forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight that accidentally overbooked. Specifically Delta Airlines, which was the subject of a turbulent Twitter tantrum from the political pundit after a not-so-great flight experience over the weekend.

Ann-Margret was born into a tightly knit family in a small fishing village near the Arctic Circle.

Her parents, Gustav and Anna, migrated to America after World War II, and settled in the Chicago suburb of Fox Lake.


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