Updating phone memory contents error

The software update message will show exactly how much space is required to be freed up, for example: First, review the data and amount of storage space being consumed by installed applications or games, and each media type.

The release of a new version of the i OS is exciting—new features, new emoji, bug fixes!When you update your i Phone to the latest version wirelessly, the new software downloads from Apple directly to your phone.That means you need free space on your phone that matches the size of the update.The Black Berry 10 OS requires 2.5 times the downloaded package size, for example, an update package of 1GB will require a total of 2.5GB's free space to download and install successfully.To continue with an Over The Air Software (OTA) Update, remove data (applications and media) from the Black Berry smartphone's internal memory until there is enough free space by following the actions below.Changing the firmware of a device may rarely or never be done during its lifetime; some firmware memory devices are permanently installed and cannot be changed after manufacture.


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