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That's right - nearly three-fourths of those who consume network offerings online are over the age of 45.

Namely, I would think they'd be on the younger side - say, in the 24-35 range mostly.

I was pleasantly surprised then, to read a recent Research Brief from the Center for Media Research that told a much different story.

Step three: some mechanism is needed to increase co-operation in this area. Lynn St Amour, president of the Internet Society (a body that plays a significant role in deciding the future of the net) was told that she could have 15 minutes of her hour long press conference because the timetable had been reorganised.

Half way through her talk she was given throat-slitting signs from the back of the room telling her to stop and make way for the next press conference. Lynn St Amour is not at all keen on the ITU, who are, of course, the UN agency hosting this summit.


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