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Sean Waltman called in to dispute many of the allegations she made. -Chyna said she went to Japan because of "complete, total chaos." She said everything that happened in pro wrestling and then entering the media bubble caused her to be "misconceived in the public eye." She said she was no longer remembered for all the great things she did in wrestling and instead "became this monster." -Chyna said she dated Triple H for five years and then he ended up cheating with Stephanie Mc Mahon.

Chyna said she was never given a reason why she was not re-signed by WWE.

The wrestler visited him at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, where he was being treated for pediatric brain cancer.

Former WWE wrestler Chyna appeared on the "Opie and Jim" show on Sirius/XM satellite radio.

It was in that moment that it became clear that the hatred fans feel for Reigns had completely blinded them to the Mc Mahon family epidemic—and their own indecisiveness—that plagues the WWE product. They pleaded for the company to bring forth Superstars of youth that could supplant the John Cenas, Triple Hs and Undertakers of the world and carry it into the future.

When Reigns put forth a dominant showing in the 2014 Royal Rumble, fans reacted favorably, and it appeared as though the company had done right by them.

Hardly the best business decision from a guy who left the company to go succeed in business.

Lately, the only stories you really hear of regarding Brock and Sable are about disappointed fans shunned away, while trying to approach the couple at the airport for a quick selfie.Apparently it was the person who runs her Twitter account that posted those comments.Following this, Chyna called up Vince Russo and did an interview with him, which is up for free on There’s plenty more to view in this interview from where Chyna is today, to her alcohol problems after WWE, and other topics about her life.She said she learned that Hunter was cheating on her when she found a love note from Stephanie in his briefcase that was dated a year earlier.-She addressed her claim that Triple H once struck her.She said the last thing Vince Mc Mahon said to her was that blood is thicker than water and he would be in touch with her.


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