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See below for my interview and if you’re interested in learning more about the book, check out her Facebook page: Secrets of Shiksa Appeal. I started it about three years ago, but just didn’t have any time to really commit to it and I was actually kind of afraid of…afraid to work on it, to finish it, just cause I wasn’t sure what people would think.

I think it was fear that made it take so long and then I got over it and now it’s being published. I’ve always loved self-help books and I know that a lot of the books written especially for Jewish women aren’t really about what men want.

The section on online dating is titled, “Let’s Write a bunch of Lies Shall We?

” I don’t believe that “playing games” yield successful relationships, so that’s where I had to draw the line.

The shiksa exists only insofar as the Jew is aware of her; she is defined relative to him.

She occupies a hazy cultural nexus; the shiksa is not Jewish but is nonetheless only a shiksa on account of Jews calling her thus.

Married to a Jew, you will be barred from certain circles.

You all know I’m a bit of a yenta who likes to give sometimes unsolicited dating advice to my friends and Oy! So from time to time, dating/self-help books like Avi Roseman’s come across my desk. While I get that some of the advice is meant to be tongue-in-check, after a while lines like…

“…We’re women (natural gold diggers) and we care way more about what he gives us than he cares about what we give him…” “…Play the dumb blonde card…” “…Let him think he’s smarter than you…” “…A successful woman is not a plus in a man’s eyes…” Became a bit much for this feminist. Avi (as the author likes to refer to herself throughout the book) advises the reader to play the dating game.

I’m not quite sure I deserve to be Jewish girl of the year since I live in NY now, but why shy away from shame-less self-promotion and any chance to make fun of Stephen Richer?

I’m that girl who wrote the Jewish Dating guide, “Secrets of Shiksa Appeal.” I also write for JMag and I miss all my DC friends. 🙂 I don’t have much else to say, but will include a link to the Columbia Business School video about why Jewish women are hot: Avi is my better-looking, marriage-obsessed, alter ego.


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