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Nicholas "Nick" Starcevic was a House Guest on Big Brother 8. Nicholas Anton Starcevic (born March 5, 1982) is a former college American football player from Kimball, Minnesota and was once crowned MTV's "Spring Break King" while on vacation in CancĂșn.

On Day 48, her good friend Dustin was evicted from the House.

The most interesting thing Adam did was get arrested for starting a drug ring with two other contestants from his season.

Season: 11Placed: 13th Braden is one of David Girton's Big Brother ancestors.

Amber Siyavus (born 1980), 35, (formerly Tomcavage before her divorce) is a cocktail waitress at Caesars Palace casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

She is a single mother, and often talks of her faith and daughter in the House.


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