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To help you determine the year made, find your serial number and then select a link from those below to sites that offer serial dates.The Blue Book of Used Gun Values offers serial numbers for the following makers: AYA, Boss & Co., Ltd, Browning, EJ Churchill, Colt, Colt Black Powder 2nd Gen, John Dickson & Son, AH Fox, German early Date Codes, German Modern Date Codes, Stephen Grant, WW Greener, Harrington & Richardson, High Standard, Holland & Holland, Italian Year of Mfg." Just click the register link on the top left to start.SERIAL NUMBERS OFTEN ALLOW YOU TO DETERMINE YEAR OF MANUFACTURE Knowing the year your vintage firearm was made makes it easier to decide which gun catalog we sell will give you the best information about the company, models made and more.

How to search for your firearm or gun date of creation or manufacture via it's serial number.Click the image below to download the PDF document containing the serial number date-range information on many Winchester firearms.You will need the Adobe Reader program to open this file. THE HISTORY OF WINCHESTER HISTORIC SERIAL NUMBER RECORDS.Visit Colt 1911 Website Colt is known for creating some of the highest quality firearms including the 1911 pistol supported by numerous other awesome standard and tactical pieces of equipment, from rifles to shotguns.Not able to locate the date of manufacture for your Colt firearm?Well we did some digging and found that Colt offers an archival service for a moderate fee to locate all records of your original Colt shipment.


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