Dating delaware

Many still use online dating sites, but they’ve increased their odds for finding love by forming singles groups through and attending out-of-state singles functions. The problem is finding such a match in Delaware, which isn’t exactly known for its rich nightlife or social scene.

“My perfect world would be to meet someone where we have something in common...somebody that’s relatively close [to Lewes] within 30 minutes or so..they are comfortable, they have their own place...somebody who would like to golf, likes the beach, likes to explore and do different things..have a monogamous relationship that doesn’t require [us] to live together in the same residence,” Woellmer says. After having little success with online dating, Lin Pleiman, 60, of Newark started the Delaware Single Boomers group on six years ago.

Dating can be problematic at any age, but navigating the singles scene when one is older brings its own challenges.

So, Delaware singles in their 40s, 50s and 60s have gotten creative. and can handle my independence and my type A personality.” Woellmer’s list is long, but not unusual.

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If you’re dating a Delawarean, you’ll probably be able to convince them to hoist you up on their shoulders during your favorite set, or at least your favorite song.

In a state that’s 96 miles long and 39 miles wide at the widest, a Delawarean couple usually doesn’t have to deal with the troubles of a long distance relationship.

It’s possible to get to your better half no matter where they are in the state in less than two hours.

Where everybody has known each other for decades, where nobody is ever in a rush, and where you can enjoy the rural solitude that is southern Delaware...yeah, that's us.

Don't take us on a date to the city; we would much rather go for a picnic or a drive down country roads together.


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