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More from the world of Entertainment: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision of demonetising Rs. It has taken Bollywood by storm as it has affected the business of the film industry drastically.Commando – A One Man Army is a 2013 Hindi action film directed by Dilip Ghosh.Demonetisation has struck India like a storm and it seems to have affected the box office collection of various films such as Rock On 2, Force 2 as claimed by the producers of the films.

“We have worked very hard on the film and we want it to have a good release.

The film features Vidyut Jamwal as the protagonist, Pooja Chopra and Jaideep Ahlawat as main characters.

Back then the film had opened to mixed reviews with major praise directed towards Jamwal’s performance and was a moderate box office success.

Matrix previously led a United States-backed revolution that deposed Arius, who has chosen Matrix because the new US-puppet president trusts him implicitly.

With Jenny's life on the line, Matrix reluctantly accepts the demand.


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