Allyson felix dating

Her career started in 2003, when she studied in Baptist high school at 9th grade who running for the school, later in 2003, track and Field News named Allyson its national girl' High School Athlete of The Year'.It is her turning point to being successful Athlete.Olympic sprinter Allyson Felix is a gold medal winner!She took home the top prize for the US today in her signature event, the women's 200m. At just 18, she finished the 2004 Summer Games with a silver medal and then won another silver in 2008, but a gold in the 4x400m.Boyfriend Kenneth Ferguson is a 27 year-old sprinter from Detroit, who is also useful on the track like his girlfriend.He has competed in the USA Junior Championship, World Junior Championship, Pan American Junior Championship, and the USA Outdoor Championship.She has a one older brother Wes Felix, who is also a sprinter.She had passed her primary education from where her mother was taught.

Her dedication has earned her a world junior record in 200m race.Ferguson is happy to adapt to her busy lifestyle and goes out of his way to make things work.Allyson Felix took gold in the women's 200-meter sprint on Wednesday winning in a time of 21.88 seconds.It has also been revealed that Ferguson was placed 29 at the Olympic Trials quarter finals in 2008, according to USA Track & Field.The couple have been dating since 2005, according to the Today News Gazette, which has also detailed that although Felix is currently extremely busy fulfilling her role as a top athlete and Olympian, boyfriend Ferguson is completely happy with her schedule and the couple complement one another well with what they want from the relationship.Who is Olympian Allyson Felix’s boyfriend Kenneth Ferguson?


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